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About the Founder

Andrea is a passionate Transformational Life Coach, Resilience Practitioner, ex-Teacher, Public Speaker and Personal Trainer.

Andrea had spent 15 years working in education until she found herself at a breaking point in 2015, when she was diagnosed with a mental health illness, given anti-depressants and signed off work indefinitely.  


In 2016 Andrea started to make changes to her life by turning her pain into her passion and was soon able to prosper both mentally and financially from her actions. She became the founder of FOCUS CIC and the Youth Fitness Mentoring Programme, both addressing the issues with physical and mental health in young people. During the same time, she qualified as a personal trainer. Andrea is also a public speaker, Youth Mental Health First Aid and is a mental health ambassador for MQ Mental Health, Time to Change, as well as a member of the Mind Physical Activity Advisory Board.

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