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About Us


Scherazade: Youth Fitness Mentor


My name is Scherazade, I’m Head of Communications and Internal Verifier Youth Fitness Mentor at Focus CIC.

Previously a post 16+ lecturer then transitioned into primary school, as a physical education teacher. 

I studied at University, BSc Sports Medicine and with PT Academy to do a PT Master Dip.Level 4 In Nutrition and Obesity.

I’m a qualified TRX Suspension Trainer Coach.

Currently prepping to train to compete in Powerlifting to represent GB 🇬🇧 

My aim is to educate young people in our communities, with the benefits of physical exercise and mental health wellbeing. To be a positive role model and for young people to have opportunities accessible to them. This is especially for young women from the Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnicity groups.

By being a part of a strong team with Focus CIC we have the focus to create pathways for young people to succeed and I am happy to be apart of such a strong team of women. 

@ignitestrength_pt @ignitestrengthpt_flexnutrition 


Fiyory: Youth Fitness Mentor

My name is Fiyory. I’m a qualified mental health personal trainer who focuses on improving mental health and wellbeing through the use of movement. I like to keep things simple and basic in hope to get more young people physically active and taking care of themselves. Aside from being a personal trainer I have a BSc in Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences, MSc in Mental Health Studies and I hope to gain a PhD researching the benefits of physical activity/exercise for common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. I enjoy making research easy to read for non-academics through blogs and speaking about the fitness industry from my perspective on podcasts. 


I’m very excited to be a part of this team, helping young girls keep active and educating them on the importance of taking care of their mental and physical health. 


@pt_fiyory @artbyfiyory 

Sarah: Youth Fitness Mentor


My name is Sarah and I studied a BSc and MSc in Sports, Health & Exercise Sciences. 

FOCUS_CIC struck out to me due to the owner behind the organisation! It as all about helping others achieve their best and gain growth! I wish to give advice, guidance and motivation to the BAME youth involved with FOCUS_CIC! Help was something I never really got when I was younger, so I can appreciate how diffilcult it is trying to do something you love with no guidance and motivation. 


Hopefully with the information I have gained over 10 years I am able to make a positive contribution to FOCUS_CIC and the BAME youth involved. 



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