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Company No: 10428970

Tel. 07497 125 772

We are a team of young people who want to help the youth in Waltham Forest to become more politically engaged and active in their communities.

Our team members were brought together by UK Youth, a British organisation that wanted young people to try to improve some aspect of their local area. 

UK Youth calls their programme ‘East London Leaders’. And since we’re the Waltham Forest team, we stuck Waltham Forest at the front of that.


We want young people's’ voices to be amplified so that their identities are better reflected in their society. 

How will we achieve our aim?

Aim: help the youth in Waltham Forest become more politically engaged and active in their communities. 

FREE exhibition of almost all the local political, community-focused or activist organisations. Extinction Rebellion, the local Labour, LibDem, 

Conservative and Green parties, Greenpeace, local MPs and councillors, and many more.

PLUS performances by local artists like Lemzi, Luke November and Rorysky.


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